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Music CD TBA by Conjure One
Conjure One - TBA
Conjure One
Label: Nettwerk
Genre: Dance

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Conjure One - TBA
When it comes to popular music, a proven formula is a safer bet than chancing something new. Apparently, such is the wisdom behind Conjure One, the new project spearheaded by Delerium and Front Line Assembly architect Rhys Fulber. As he did with Delerium, Fulber pairs guest vocalists of the mostly ethereal variety with gauzy ambient-tribal pop full of Eastern shadings and just enough chanting to maintain the spooky quotient. And when Fulber nails a vibe--as he does twice with singer Poe on the dreamy, goose-fleshy "Center of the Sun" and the downright chilling "Make a Wish," and with Tea Party belter Jeff Martin on the widescreen "Premonition"--he nails it, creating a haunted landscape best described as New Age-worldbeat. There are some clunkers here, too. Sinead O'Connor is thwarted by the leaden clichés littering "Tears from the Moon," and Israeli vocalist Chemda shamelessly borrows from the late, great Ofra Haza to negligible effect. But anyone who dug the Delerium project--or kindred spirits such as Dead Can Dance--will declare Conjure One a success.




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